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5 Tips to Get Kids More Involved in Chores this Summer

5 Tips to Get Kids More Involved in Chores this Summer

Introduction: Summer vacation is a time for kids to relax, have fun, and enjoy their freedom from school. However, it's also an excellent opportunity to teach them responsibility, teamwork, and valuable life skills. One way to achieve this is by involving them in household chores. Not only will it lighten your load as a parent, but it will also instill a sense of accomplishment and discipline in your children. In this blog post, we'll share five effective tips to get kids more involved in chores this summer, turning it into a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


  1. Make Chores a Game
  2. Lead by Example
  3. Assign Age Apporopriate Tasks
  4. Create a Chore-Friendly Environment
  5. Implement a Reward System
  6. Conclusion

Make Chores a Game

Transforming chores into a game can significantly increase children's interest and engagement. Create a chore chart or use colorful stickers to track their progress. Offer small rewards like a special presents or other incentives, such as earning points to redeem for their favorite treats or activities. You could also turn chores into a friendly competition among siblings, with a prize for the winner at the end of each week. By gamifying the chore experience, kids will be eager to participate and even look forward to it!

Lead by Example

Children are impressionable, and they often mimic the behaviors they see in their parents or older siblings. To get your kids more involved in chores, show them that you're willing to pitch in as well. Demonstrate enthusiasm and a positive attitude while doing your own tasks. By setting an excellent example, you'll not only inspire them to participate but also teach them the importance of teamwork and cooperation within the family.

A good example would be by creating a task to clean the kitchen hobs and ovens and allowing them to do while you provide instructions

Assign Age-Appropriate Tasks

It's crucial to assign chores that are suitable for your children's age and capabilities. Younger kids can help with simple tasks like picking up toys, making their beds, or watering plants. Older children can take on more significant responsibilities like washing dishes, doing the laundry, or assisting with meal preparation. Tailoring the tasks to their abilities will ensure they feel capable and valued, boosting their confidence and sense of accomplishment.

Create a Chore-Friendly Environment

Transforming your home into a chore-friendly environment can make a significant difference in how your children perceive their responsibilities. Get creative with organization by using colorful bins or shelves to make it easy for kids to identify where things belong. Play some fun and upbeat music while they work to create a lively atmosphere. Additionally, providing child-sized cleaning tools, like mini brooms and dustpans, can make chores seem less daunting and more enjoyable.

Implement a Reward System

In addition to the game-like incentives mentioned earlier, consider implementing a reward system tied to their chore efforts. For instance, after a week of successfully completing tasks, plan a fun family outing or a movie night with their favorite snacks. This will motivate kids to consistently participate in chores and teach them the value of hard work and perseverance.


Getting kids involved in chores this summer is an excellent way to teach them responsibility, teamwork, and valuable life skills. By making chores fun, leading by example, assigning age-appropriate tasks, creating a chore-friendly environment, and implementing a reward system, you can encourage your children to actively participate in household responsibilities. Not only will this help them grow into responsible and capable individuals, but it will also strengthen the family bond as you work together towards a clean and organized home.

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