This portable, remote control 16-colour crystal night light works perfectly anywhere in the home, or you can take it outdoors.
No external power needed!

Using special 3D technology, light and shadow are intertwined, and layers of roses of light are bloomed onto whatever surface
you place the lamp on.

You can touch the top of the light to turn on/off and adjust the colour of the light or use the included remote control.

The smart design without cables allows the colour-changing lights to work both indoors and out, so you don't need to
worry about finding a socket. 

The box contains a USB charging cable, remote control and the crystal lamp. It will work for 6 hours after charging.

You can take it traveling, camping, to barbecues, parties and more.


Before use, please remove the plastic gasket where the battery is in the remote control, so that contact is made and the device will work.